Maybe someday is just temporary for some people

I remember the first time you said: ''maybe someday'' after we broke up. I was crying in front of you, asking you why we were ending this way, but you hug me and said that maybe things were suppoused to be that way, that maybe I was going to be better without you...And then you promised me that maybe someday we could have a life that we both deserved together, being happy and doing all the things we planned when we were together. 

And I believed you becaused without asking, one time you said you were gonna love me for a lifetime and the next ones, and you said that while holding my gaze with your perfect grey eyes, and kissing my forehead slowly and tender.

I believed you when you said you were gonna be loyal to me, because I was one of the kind and I stay with the idea that you weren't falling out of love with me, but just that the thing weren't working anymore. I was hoping that what we needed was only a break for a few days, to just have time for ourselfs and a call me to ask go outand then at the end of the night we were supposed to kiss under the stars and realize that we were supposed to be together.

But then the days passed, and then the weeks... and without warning I asked you what was the thought of you and me.

And then I cried for the second time.

Cause we were not going back together.

You were moving on

And I was the stupid one for beliving your words when you just wanted a simple, non-dramatical breakup...

I guess it took me more time to recover  from all the ashemed I felt in that moment than the pain of the real breakup.

I still believe in ''maybe somedays''
Just not with you.


Esperanza Guzmán

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