Being vegetarian or vegan it is hard already and, right now I found that some days can be difficult specially when you are an exchange student in South Korea. In this country the fruits and vegetables can be really expensive, just to give you an example a small watermelon can cost you 25000 KWN (around 22 dllrs) So it is really crazy to find a good way to keep you eating good food. 

Of course you can find a way to make you good meals for cheap prices but being honest, in my case is almost imposible. So when I heard about this restaurant, I decided to go and treat myself with a huge, tasty meal. 

This place it's located in Sinheung-ro 59, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, pretty near Itaewon. You can go there by subway or bus and I promise you it's not hard to find. Just be careful with the opening hours because they don't usually open on Mondays.

About the place by itself I can say that it is really cozy and you can feel a good mood inside. I went for lunch and even if there was nobody there before I arrived, in less than half an hour more people came. For sure is a popular place, specially for foreigners (it's not common to find a vegan korean). 

They have a lot of options for a good price. You can find the whole menu here, in their official page including the cost for dish. In vegetus you can find a good service, huge portions of food and everything it's vegan. 

You can have pasta, salads, burgers and other side dishes. The beverages options are extense and you can even have a romantic dinner with some wine. Like I mentioned before, they have a good space, it's a little small but not becasue of that you won't feel comfortable .

I had a good time there. I didn't have the chance to try a burger or something heavier but the Beans Party Salad and Mac n' cheese that I'd try with my friend where good enough for us, but secretly we regret when we saw somebody else ordering the huge and delicious burger next to us.

So if you are in Seoul and you are looking for a good vegan restaurant defenitly you should go and try Vegetus. This was an amazing experience with a interesting interior desing where you can take a few pictures, have a nice dinner and just enjoy the moments by yourself or with friends!

Esperanza Guzmán

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