Here are a few drops of reality

Here are a few drops of reality...

He doesn't want you.
he doesn't want you as a lover or as a friend,
he doesn't miss your kisses or your smile,
your body or your talks.

Honestly, those are things that any girl can offer him,
her lips to fulfill his wishes and her laugh to make him fall in love.

The truth is that you don't hace anything new to offer him.
You are not smart enough,
you are not rich enough,
you are not interesting enough...
he said.
The deepest truth is that he could find you in someone else.

Actually he already did.

Probably with a girl thar is more down to earth,
that is not over him all the time,
that knows how to be funny without being annoying,
that doesn't remind him what is wrong with his life,
someone that is easier to love and to spend the rest of his life with.

But darling,
there is nothing wrong with the way you gave love to him,

the simple thing...

he's just not the right one.


Esperanza Guzmán

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